An employee of the Tetovo hospital filmed a patient, she published the video on social networks

Photo: Free Press

Police officers of SVR Tetovo yesterday around 20:10 and 46 minutes deprived the 47-year-old A.A. from Brvenica, Tetovo, which was previously reported by XNUMX-year-old I.B. from Slatino, Tetovo, that in the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, where she was employed, she unauthorizedly filmed his mother, who was hospitalized in one of the departments.

"She then posted the recorded video on social networks. She is detained at the Tetovo Police Station for clearing up and documenting the case," informed the spokesperson of SVR Tetovo Marjan Josifoski.

By the way, the "TikTok-anesthesiologist" who worked at the Department of Gynecology at the Tetovo Clinical Hospital and broadcast live on social networks patients in the most vulnerable periods of treatment, Walton Dervishi, was sentenced to 15 months in prison seven months ago.

The Medical Chamber revoked his license to work for a period of seven years because he violated the trust between the patient and the doctor. He pleaded guilty before the court and apologized to the patients. The anesthesiologist Dervishi was charged with the crimes of "negligent work in the service" and "unauthorized recording"

The Minister of Health only learned that the anesthesiologist went to work under the influence of narcotics

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