DISTURBING VIDEO: Former NFL player brutally beats ex-girlfriend in front of their baby!

Former NFL player faces up to several years in prison / Photo: Printscreen / twitter.com / bougieeats

Horror in the US, disturbing video shook the world, former NFL player Zack Stacy brutally beat his ex-girlfriend Christine Evans in front of his five-month-old son.

All this happened in their home in Florida, and when the video appeared, the police reacted quickly and arrested Stacey, who is threatened with several years in prison.

- I begged him to stop, the baby was there, just a few steps from us - said Evans.

Stacey immediately left the scene, tried to escape from the police, but she quickly found him and arrested him.

Stacey, 30, has played for the St. Louis Rams and New York Jets in his career, then moved to Canada with the Saskatchewan Raffriders, and his last official club was Memphis.

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