DISTURBING VIDEO: New terrible violence between girls in Germany, peers tortured a 13-year-old girl for hours

Photo: Twitter / print screen

A group of girls are suspected of holding a 13-year-old girl captive and torturing them for hours, and recording the horrific violence with a phone. The group of up to ten girls poured juice on the victim's head, shook her with cigarette ash and set her hair on fire. When the girl tried to get up, one of the violent peers told her: "Sit here and beg me!".

The case comes just one week after the shocking death of 12-year-old Luisa, who was found dead, and two of her peers, whom she knew, have been charged with the murder. They admitted that they lured the girl into the forest and that they even stabbed her 32 times with a knife because they "quarreled".

In the disturbing video of the latest incident published by the media, the victim can be seen crying and begging her classmates not to hit her on the nose, but they do not stop. We warn that the video is disturbing and may cause trauma to some readers.

German media reports that this happened at the end of February, but the girl's mother decided to speak only now, in order to warn the public about the growing problem of violence between children. The victim's mother says the torture was stopped thanks to the brave intervention of a passerby.

"He recognized the danger my daughter was in, he accepted her when she asked him for help. We are very grateful to him", says the mother.

According to the prosecutor, as in the case of little Luisa, the perpetrators of this crime will not be prosecuted, because they are under the minimum age for criminal responsibility in Germany – 14 years.

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