DISTURBING VIDEO | A boy stabbed a priest in Australia, after which huge riots broke out

Boy stabs priest / Photo Twitter

Australian police have arrested a 15-year-old boy who attacked Bishop Marie Emmanuel and three other men with a knife during a sermon at an Assyrian church in Wakeley. The attack happened around 19:10 local time.

After the attack, a crowd of about 2.000 people gathered near the church, riots broke out and the police had to restore order. Several police officers were injured during the riots. The New South Wales police confirmed that the attacker was known to the police and that he was not a regular visitor to the church, local media reported.

The attacker was overpowered by worshipers and is currently being treated for severe hand injuries. Assistant Police Commissioner Andrew Holland declined to comment on whether there was any truth to rumors that the boy's finger had been cut off in retaliation after the attack.

"The reports are that he has hand injuries - I don't know the extent of those injuries at this point. The injuries to his hand are quite severe," Holland added. Meanwhile, the police continue to work to restore order.

Footage appeared on social media showing the crowd gathered around the church and people banging on the windows of ambulances. One of the videos shows a man stomping on the attacker's head.

In a statement, the church confirmed that Father Isaac Royel was also injured in the attack. "Please pray at this time. It is the desire of the bishop and the father that you pray for the perpetrator as well," says the church.

Police stressed that none of the four injured had life-threatening injuries. By the way, there is also a recording of the attack itself. It shows the bishop speaking as a younger person dressed in black approaches him.

The bishop looks at the attacker, who then stabs him in the face and neck. The bishop then falls to the ground. Screams can be heard from the crowd, as several people rush forward to try to help. The camera then rolls over. The footage was taken from a live stream from the church's YouTube page.

Australian police say the Sydney church attack is an act of terrorism

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