Wolfgang Mayer is the new chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia, Stefan Peter returns to Vienna

Wolfgang Mayer is the new chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia, and he replaces Stefan Peter, who after eight years at the head of the company is returning to Vienna, where he will continue his career in a high position in the EVN AG group.

Mayer comes from the position of Human Resources Manager at EVN AG in Vienna. He graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has an exceptional role for personnel and organizational development in the group, as well as in the area of ​​digitalization.

By the way, Peter was also the president of the Council for Foreign Investments in the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia. During his directorship, the exhibition center - "Matka" was also opened (May 10, 2017), as the first electricity museum in the country. The museum has about 30 exhibits that, with a multimedia and interactive approach, allow visitors to gain new knowledge. Through the exhibits, guests are introduced to the concept of electricity, how it is produced and how it reaches homes and companies. Visitors learn about the history of electricity and participate in renewable energy workshops.

One of the projects in which he was quite active was the introduction of dual education in the country, a project whose goal was to ensure sustainable jobs in the future.

The dual education initiative "EVN Macedonia" started in 2015, due to the need for qualified personnel. The "20-20-20" project "EVN Macedonia" is implemented with the Vocational Secondary School "Mihajlo Pupin", and it is predicted that about twenty high school students from each generation, who will show the best success, will get the opportunity to be employed in EVN Macedonia.

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