Wolff revealed how much it takes for Mercedes to catch up with Red Bull


According to the boss of former champions, it will take six to 12 months for the Silver Arrows to match the cars of the current Formula 1 champions.

It will take between 6 and 12 months for Mercedes to reach Red Bull's level in terms of fully understanding the aerodynamics of the reigning F1 champion's cars.

This is how Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, thinks. He's not too concerned if the former champions' cars resemble Red Bull's.

Wolf believes the team has made great progress in the wind tunnel work. At Mercedes, they are now trying to change the concept that they used in the unsuccessful models of the B13 and B14 from last year and from this year.

- I think the period is between 6 and 12 months, because that is the time we would need to understand what exactly is happening with the car. That means we need to double the speed of our car development and also develop in the right direction. When the concept is already mature and developed, then progress comes in smaller steps - says Wolff.

Wolff clarifies that this period of catching up with Red Bull should not be taken so strictly, but the former champions are determined to fit in this period.

The main weakness of the B14 car is insufficient aerodynamic downforce. While Red Bull had two one-two wins in the first two races of the season, Mercedes did not record a single podium.

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