War for 20 million euros: Emina Jahovi и and Mustafa Sandal in court, her ex-husband wants to take everything from her!

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Singer Emina Jahovi. Is reportedly fighting in court with her ex-husband Mustafa Sandal over property worth 20 million euros.

Emina yesterday in court in Istanbul she faced the Turkish pop singer with whom it has not been possible to agree for three years who will own the house and the music studio after the divorce.

According to "Informer", the former spouses are fighting the biggest battle over the Bosphorus villa worth 16 million euros and the studio they bought for four million euros.

- Emina is furious at Sandal because he tries to leave her with nothing, even though they have been married for 10 years. The problem is that Mustafa demands that both properties be sold and that most of the proceeds from the sale go to him! Emina that is why she hired several lawyers who will try to prove in court that it is a property acquired in marriage, which she can not alienate without her consent - says a well-informed source and adds that Emina does not want to leave the house where their sons lived Yaman и Javuz.

Emina with her ex-husband Mustafa and the children / Instagram

- That villa is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. There are two swimming pools, a golf course, a gym, six bedrooms and a beautiful view of the city. Emina seeks to continue living there with the boys while Mustafa wants to sell and buy apartments. "Apart from the luxury villa, the singers are also fighting for the music studio they bought together for four million euros," the source said.

- Emina most of her time was spent in it and all her songs from the last years were written there. Therefore, she thinks that the studio should belong to her after the divorce. She invested a lot in it and even in the worst nightmare she could not dream that Mustafa will try to take it away from her. Everything she earned in the marriage from songs, commercials and cosmetics lines she put in a joint bank account. And during that time, Mustafa he set aside his earnings and transferred them to secret accounts. No one but him knows how much money he hid from that way Emina - explains the interlocutor for "Informer".


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Emina Jahovi. before the trial with Mustafa she said that the truth was on her side.

- I'm leading a lawsuit with Mustafa, but I do not want to talk about the details. I hope that justice will prevail. Because here I am not fighting only for myself, but also for all women who are in the same situation - said the singer.

Even her ex-husband was not in the mood to talk about their war for millions.

- Emina is the mother of my children and I respect her - said the Turkish singer.

Emina Jahovi ќе will sue Mustafa for 26 months of unpaid alimony: "Children are not paid for health insurance"


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