In Tetovo at the cinema only a few days a year

Photo: Free Press

Theatrical performances that can be counted on the fingers, concerts and cultural events are rarer, and cinema screenings only a few days a year.

This is the cultural picture in Tetovo. The young people in Tetovo have no choice for cultural life, so in the end there are cafes.

"Unfortunately, Tetovo does not do much for more cultural events. There are restaurants and cafes, but that is not culture, the stakeholders should make an effort to have more cultural activities in Tetovo, says a high school girl from Tetovo.

For the past few days, the NGO "Loya" has been organizing outdoor film screenings at the CPM Museum. It is one of the few cultural events where tattooed people can enjoy watching a movie on a white screen. The organizers say that the interest in the festival shows that Tetovo needs a cinema hall. There are conditions for that, but more will is needed.

"Our activity here has a different purpose, we want some places in the city to potentially be used as places for cultural activities, the CPM Museum has such potential, but also Teće in Tetovo, which has also not been used, and this will also the demands of young people are met. Tetovo needs cultural events, and there is also interest in our festival here, said Bujar Ljuma from the non-governmental organization "Loja".

In the past 4 days, the non-governmental Center for Balkan Cooperation Loja organized the international film festival "Watch out" with outdoor screenings for the 13th time.

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