In Strumica special measures due to continuous air pollution

City Municipality of Strumica / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

In Strumica, the measures for exceeding the threshold of air pollution come into force, because for two days the measuring stations show high concentrations of PM10 particles more than allowed, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning announced today.

The measurements from the MZSPP station showed that the alarm threshold for suspended particles with a size of up to 10 micrograms per cubic meter was exceeded, which, according to the regulation, was over 150 mg/m3 for two consecutive days, and the weather forecast of HMRC influenced the decision of the ministry.

Namely, 156,12 micrograms per cubic meter were measured the day before yesterday in Strumica, and 236,99 micrograms per cubic meter yesterday. Therefore, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Health, recommends for the city of Strumica that pregnant women, people over 60 years of age, as well as people with chronic asthma, previous myocardial infarction or stroke, regardless of age, be exempted from work duties, with the recommendation of family doctor.

Then, it is recommended that employers reorganize the working hours of people working outdoors from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. and that sports competitions and other cultural events are not organized outdoors.

In addition, the Municipality should provide conditions for increased activities of the emergency medical services, home visits and patronage services, and the Government is requested to take more measures that are within its competence, including frequent controls of the installations for the discharge of the permitted amount air emissions.

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