There are two more free hospital beds in the Infectious Department in Stip

Clinical Hospital - Stip
Clinical Hospital - Stip / Photo: MIA

There are two free beds for covidates in the Infectious Department in Stip. According to the health bulletin of the Clinical Hospital - Stip in the last 24 hours the number of newly admitted is three times higher than the number of recovered patients.

Nine patients were admitted in the past 56 hours, and only three went home. With this, the number of hospitalized at the Infectious Department in Stip is 44, out of which 16 are on constant oxygen support and are connected to breathing apparatus, and 24 patients are vaccinated. There are no dead people in the past XNUMX hours, informed the spokesperson of the Clinical Hospital Stip, Marina Shumanska.

With the filling of the capacities of the Infectious Diseases Department, the opening of the modular covid hospital in Kocani is also being considered. Covid patients from Kocani are sent for hospital treatment in Stip, but the capacities are already almost full, and there is no staff for opening the modular hospital in Stip, because about 20 health workers are infected with the coronavirus and are in isolation.

In the municipalities from the eastern region there are 915 active cases, mostly in Stip 317, in Kocani 210 and in Delchevo 151. In other municipalities in the east the number is double-digit, the highest is in Berovo where 86 active cases are active, and in Makedonska Kamenica 41, and in Pehchevo 25 coyote patients.

Source: MIA

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