Mad cow disease has been confirmed in Scotland

Store: Pexels/pixabay

The Scottish Government has confirmed a case of classic bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), known as mad cow disease, on a farm in the south west of the country. The media reports that this is the first case of the disease in Great Britain in more than two years. Checks are underway to determine the origin of the disease on the farm, the statement said, adding that there is no risk to human health, Politika reported.

– This is an isolated case and the risk is minimal. If farmers are still concerned, they should seek advice from a veterinarian - said Chief Veterinary Inspector Sheila Voss. As a precautionary measure, the Scottish authorities have taken all necessary veterinary measures, the movement of animals in the county where this dangerous disease has been registered is restricted. The media recall that in the eighties of the last century, mad cow disease was first discovered in Britain, and from there it spread to many parts of Europe, causing the death of a large number of animals. It was created as a result of a change in the way livestock are fed. As the experts previously explained, ten years after the disease was reported, unusual cases also occurred in humans, mostly in Great Britain, caused by an altered type of prion protein, which is the only cause of the disease. We are talking about the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which has long been known in humans and which occurs spontaneously and occurs with a frequency of one case per million inhabitants per year.

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