In Sarajevo, the pride parade was held under the motto - Death of fascism, freedom of love

Photo; Oslobođenje

With strong security measures, about 1.000 citizens joined the fight for the rights of LGBTQI people in BiH. This year's procession is held under the motto "Family Gathering", and those gathered want to draw attention to the importance of supporting the queer family of people.

Members of the LGBTQI population in BiH face public condemnation, insults, discrimination and threats on a daily basis.

With this gathering, as they announced in "Oslobodzenje", they want to show that they are there, including that they want to be equal members of society.

"In general, societies where pride parades are held generally have a higher degree of respect for human rights, especially LGBTQI rights. The same trend is observed in our neighboring countries. Visibility breaks down prejudices. "It is easier to hate someone you do not know and have never seen, than someone you know is your acquaintance, colleague, neighbor, brother, sister, parent," said Dina Bajrektarevic, one of the organizers.

After a walk through the city center, from 17 pm to 18:30 pm, the procession stopped on the plateau between the National and Historical Museum of BiH, where the organizers addressed the audience, and then continued socializing with the music program.

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