In the USA, vetting is done before the officials take office, says Ambassador Ageler

Photo: Telma TV / print screen

The vetting process is very important and is a challenge, especially in the judicial system, the American ambassador to the country said tonight in the visit of Alsat. Angela Ageler.

According to her, it is very important that this process, if it is done, is carried out in a completely transparent and fair way.

"Veting can be very challenging, as we've seen in some other states where it hasn't worked well. It is particularly challenging in the justice system because of the need to assess those already in position and in a system where corruption already exists, it is very important to ensure that the process is completely transparent and fair. The background check in the US is done before taking office. We don't have enough time to describe to you the ordeal I went through to be nominated and confirmed as US Ambassador. "I hope that this country will find a way to move the vetting process forward before people take their positions, in a way that is best for that institution," Ageler said.

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