On Saturday, RK Alkaloid will play the first official match

The club will have its first official match on Saturday in the First League against HC Metalurg - RA / Photo: HC Alkaloid

Tomorrow, September 18 (Saturday) at 12.00 in SC "Boris Trajkovski", RC "Alkaloid" will play the first official match against HC "Metalurg - RA". HC "Alkaloid", as a newly formed club, starts the season in the men's First League, in which 19 teams will compete this season.

The team of RK "Alkaloid" has already been formed, and the players are in a full training process and ready for the challenges that come in the handball season. The team is composed of young, talented handball players, who were part of the youth teams of the Macedonian handball team, but also part of the senior team.

The composition of HC "Alkaloid" for this season is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Ivan Galevski, Gjorgji Ermanoski, Valentino Stakovski
Defenders: Martin Serafimov, Igor Gjorgiev, Teodor Todeski, Oleg Jordanov, Mihail Ivanovski, Bozidar Ilieski
Circular attackers: Kristijan Simonoski, Marko Stojkovi,, Damjan Georgievski
Wings: Dario Kofiloski, Aleksandar Stojkov, Martin Dimovski, Mihajlo Kostovski

The professional staff is composed of experienced handball experts from our country:

Head coach: Ljubomir Savevski
Assistant coaches: Biljana Crvenkovska, Branislav Angelovski, Vlatko Koteski
Fitness trainer: Petar Basnarkov
Physiotherapist: Tosho Ristovski

HC "Alkaloid" was formed in order for young talents who have the potential and desire to play to be properly directed and developed, in order to build top handball players with positive life values. By organizing the professional work, HC "Alkaloid" will strive to provide players with a quality and advanced training process, in order to further develop and build them as top handball players who will invest their knowledge, experience and positive values ​​in Macedonian handball.

A memorandum of cooperation formalizes the partnership of RK "Alkaloid" with the brand of Kire Lazarov "KL7". With the memorandum, these two brands will jointly achieve the set goals of the club. The vision is through the handball schools of "KL7", and then through the youth and senior teams of RK "Alkaloid", to build the future Macedonian handball team.

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