A Ukrainian drone exploded in Russia, Russian media claim

Today there was an explosion in the city of Kireyevsk in the Russian region of Tula, and Russian media reports that a Ukrainian Tu-141 drone exploded at the scene of the accident, injuring three people.

Military analyst Goran Redzepovic told N1 television that it was the same drone as the one that fell last year on March 10 in Zagreb near the "Stjepan Radic" student dormitory.

- It is the same drone that fell in Zagreb, and Tula is the center of Russia's military industry, says Redzepovic.
He adds that it is a Soviet-made drone, which was manufactured in Kharkiv, Ukraine, during the Soviet Union.

The Russian media reported that the drone was "armed" with explosives, and Redzepovic clarifies how much explosive this drone can carry and what damage it can do.

- It can safely carry 100 kilograms of explosives. If it is a 'soft' object, if it is not a bunker for example, it can cause damage. But it's only one drone and it's more symbolic than actual destruction. This shows Ukraine's ability to penetrate deep into Russian territory, military analyst Redzepovic said.

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