In the Prilep prison, the prisoners voted, the police officers protested

Protest by members of the prison police in KPU Prilep/Photo: Screenshot

In the Prilep prison, 104 prisoners voted in the presidential elections today, and in front of the gate of the penal institution, the prison policemen came out in a peaceful protest because of the conditions in the prison, MRT reported.

Namely, high-risk prisoners from Idrizovo have been moved to Prilep Prison, for whom, according to prison employees, there are no suitable conditions for serving their prison sentence in Prilep and they are worried about the safety of their jobs.

-Recently redeployment of high-risk prisoners from Idrizovo prison to other prisons in Macedonia has been carried out. The Prilep prison, which also houses prisoners who are perpetrators of more serious crimes, is not a prison that meets the infrastructure requirements, nor is it staffed in terms of personnel to be able to accept this type of prisoners, Vladimir Lotovski, representative of the Independent Police Union.

The prison officers, members of the Independent Police Union, have already reached out to the Administration for the Execution of Sanctions and talked to the director of the prison about the situation, but, as they say, he distanced himself as incompetent to solve the problem with the convicts moved from Idrizovo.

-Closed system means cellular system. Until this is done we do not have the physical conditions for it. Due to the location, the prison exits on two roads, we do not have a buffer zone and we do not have the opportunity to secure these people, says Saše Puleski, president of the Independent Union of KPU Prilep.

The prison officers, members of the Independent Police Union, say they are not backing down from their demands and will protest every day from 12:14 to XNUMX:XNUMX. They informed the Minister of Justice about the situation, but did not receive any response.

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