In a police operation in Serbia, 1000 migrants were transferred to reception centers, weapons and ammunition were discovered

- The assistant director of the Serbian police, Dragan Vasiljevic, said today that in the operation that began on Thursday afternoon shortly after the armed incident that occurred in the area of ​​Horgosh, the police carried out a detailed examination of the field and discovered about 1.000 migrants who were transferred to the reception centers, the correspondent reported. of MIA from Belgrade.

In a statement to RTS, Vasiljevic noted that the police found a certain amount of weapons and ammunition during the search of the field.

- In relation to the armed incident on Thursday, following a report of a shooting, of an armed conflict between a group of smugglers and illegal migrants, the police immediately reacted and are taking intensive measures and activities to find the perpetrators of this crime. They are mainly citizens of Afghanistan and Morocco. By the way, six people came to the hospital in Subotica with injuries and they are under police surveillance, said Vasiljevic.

He also said that mostly automatic weapons, guns and a certain amount of ammunition were found, and during a search of the field, the symbols of the Kosovo Liberation Army were found on the wardrobe of a certain number of people.

-By order of the minister, a new working group was formed that deals with security issues, especially for the territory towards Hungary, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, which includes members of the Border Police Administration, the Gendarmerie, the Criminal Police Administration, the Police Administration, SAJ and other police services, said Assistant Police Director Vasiljevic and called on citizens to immediately report to the police if they feel any discomfort when they are near migrants.

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