At the beginning of the race to change the Constitution

Meeting of Kovacevski and Mickoski/Photo: RSM Government

Are the two leaders willing to compromise, are they keeping secret assets or will they remain in their positions? Constitutional amendments and express early parliamentary elections or elections and a broad government coalition to implement the constitutional amendments are some of the options.

Constitutional amendments and express early parliamentary elections or elections and a broad government coalition that will implement the constitutional amendments are some of the options that are expected to be put on the table by the Prime Minister and SDSM President Dimitar at tomorrow's leadership meeting (Club of Deputies, 11:XNUMX a.m.). Kovachevski and the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski. The meeting will be private, at the request of the leader of the opposition.

Whether and to what extent the two leaders are ready for some sort of compromise, whether they are keeping secret assets for the meeting or whether they will each remain in their positions, will be clearer after the meeting. For now, at least for Kovachevski, the option of elections, so constitutional amendments, is not in play, just as Mickoski, on the other hand, does not deviate from the position that there will be no constitutional amendments in this parliamentary composition.

Maricic: Dialogue is the best solution

The Vice Prime Minister for European integration Bojan Maricic does not reveal what Kovacevski will offer to Mickoski in the leadership position in order to possibly convince the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE to support the constitutional amendments.

"I expect all the questions with the constitutional amendments to be asked, to discuss the text itself and the process of how to implement them as quickly and simply as possible, in order to continue the negotiations and remove the possible blockage." I think that only dialogue is the best solution and before the procedure in the Assembly begins, it is logical that the leaders of the largest political parties sit down and talk. The government will always be constructive," says Maricic and added that it is important for the opposition to understand its responsibility in making these decisions.

He believes that now is the moment when the road to the EU opens, as he says, these are the messages from Brussels, the president of the European Commission and from all other benevolent allies of our country.

"That's why I said the responsibility of the opposition is huge and cannot be avoided. I know they would most like someone else to solve the problems for them, but some of them will have to participate in this decision. I believe that we will get to that point and we will not miss the chance", says Maricic.

Kovacevski has already stated that the leadership meeting will discuss the decision-making for the European integration of the country and the activities of all political stakeholders in relation to relations with the neighbors. The Prime Minister expressed hope that VMRO-DPMNE will succeed in overcoming itself and will support a decision that will integrate the country into the EU. Kovacevski said that at the meeting he expects an open conversation about all aspects of both topics and that he hopes that he and Mickoski will find a common language on how to proceed towards EU integration. The Prime Minister reiterated that the elections will be held in the regular term.

Mickoski, on the other hand, says that he will also say at the leadership meeting that there will be no constitutional changes according to Bulgarian dictation. According to him, the key in the talks with Kovacevski is to open the topic - what after the failure of the constitutional amendments. Both the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition reaffirmed the position that they will not support the opening of the Constitution. Mickoski proposes forming a pact for national and state unity in which there will be no place for DUI, and is open to cooperation with all non-criminal structures from other parties in society. This can be interpreted that VMRO-DPMNE remains in the position of early elections and the formation of a broad government that will have to solve the challenges.

The call for unification is buying time?

If VMRO-DPMNE accuses Kovacevski and First Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi of crime in daily press conferences and that they will be held accountable after the change of government, then it turns out that Mickoski in the national unity pact will cooperate with structures of SDSM and possibly DUI that are not "criminalized and corrupt", that is, that both SDSM and DUI will have to change their current leadership.

"This historical moment should be recognized as a hand offered for the unification of the Macedonian fabric and for the unity of the Macedonian block, which has been losing continuously these 32 years and is giving up its substrate, threatening its existence. I am also talking about the unification of all citizens of all religions and communities, standing behind the determination to build a new and common future," said Mickoski from the party tribune.

Regarding Mickoski's offer to unify the Macedonian parties in order to disarm DUI, Maricic considered that it was buying time and collecting cheap political points.

"It's time for Mickoski and everyone else in VMRO-DPMNE to face that we have a chance to make a decision together. "No one will be accused, because it does not violate the concept of our Constitution, nor of our country, nor does it touch the Macedonian identity," Maricić believes.

The Deputy Prime Minister is of the opinion that Macedonian national unity will be best achieved if all major parties vote for the constitutional amendments and pave the way to the EU.

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