On Friday, key streets will be blocked, Skopje faces a new traffic chaos

Protest of private bus operators/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Metodi Zdraev

Exactly which intersections and busy streets and boulevards will be blocked on Friday will be known after the private carriers agree and decide on the next steps.

"We are outraged by the constant lies spread by the authorities about us, and therefore on Friday we will radicalize the protests and take all the buses we have to the streets. A little more than 200 buses of the carriers from the two associations "Sloboda Prevoz" and "Makexpress" will be parked on the key thoroughfares in Skopje, and in this way we will "paralyze" Skopje" - he announced Lenin Jovanovski, the first man of "Sloboda Verosov".

- In view of the information from the Ministry of the Interior that a high delegation from Germany headed by the president is coming, I personally asked the carriers to show with a gesture that they do not want to damage the reputation of the state and complicate the security protocols - to withdraw from the blockades during the period of the presence of the delegation, that is, until Thursday, and if no agreement is reached with the City of Skopje and JSP, they will go out on the streets again on Friday - says Jovanovski.

According to him, exactly which intersections and busy streets and boulevards will be blocked on Friday, will be known after the representatives of the private carriers come to an agreement and decide what steps they will take next. However, as Jovanovski pointed out, the citizens will be promptly informed about each of their decisions.

- The bus drivers are outraged. Instead of all stakeholders trying to find an appropriate solution to the situation, Mayor Danela Arsovska is spreading falsehoods about us - says the head of "Sloboda Vravez" who also says that despite all claims, they as a group own 131 buses, and private carriers from "Makeexpress" they have 77 buses.

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