In the municipality of Kicevo, the voting was conducted at home


 In the municipality of Kicevo today, the election boards conducted voting at home for the sick and frail and for people infected with Covid-19 and in isolation. Out of 330 citizens who registered to vote at home, 318 voted, while 12 people were not found at the appropriate address, and three died in the meantime.

- During today, the election boards visited the people who asked to vote at home. Of the 330 citizens who asked to vote at home, 318 cast their ballots, of the remaining 12 cases, three died in the meantime, while nine were not found at the address they submitted to the commission. In 265 cases, the persons who applied to vote at home are under the care of a third party, while the rest are with a submitted medical note, said the MEC Kicevo.

In our municipality, they added, a special commission composed of health professionals, nurses and doctors conducts voting for patients with Covid-19 or people in isolation.

- In our country, three people sick from Kovid-19 cast their votes. The ballot papers from the domestic voting are closed in envelopes and will be lowered in the ballot boxes in the polling stations where they belonged to the voting according to the home address, specified by the MEC Kicevo.

Source MIA