The biggest IT experts from the region met in Ohrid

Slobodan Milidrag - Ingram

The second annual conference "Ingram & Vendors Networking #2" held in Ohrid was a huge success, gathering over 2 experts from the IT sector from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. During the two-day conference, experts spoke about the future development of technologies, in the direction of cyber security, ransomware, virtualization, which move the IT industry towards a more reliable and secure environment for data management, the organizers said.

"Our mission is to create a platform where IT vendors can share their knowledge and latest solutions with customers, as well as with our partners in the MAK region. The world of technology is dynamic and as such requires a constant flow and exchange of information in order for change to occur for everyone," says Sonja Nikolovska Evtimovska from the Ingram Micro team.

According to her colleague Ivana Srbinovska, the goal of the conference is to provide a rich learning ground, focusing on innovation and skills.

"Therefore, our Training Center, led by experts in the field, serves as a beacon of educational excellence that prepares individuals for future challenges - says Srbinovska.

Slobodan Milidrag spoke about cyber security, who emphasized the essence of strengthening digital assets against cyber attacks.

"As digital defense architects, our quest is to transform vulnerability into strength, providing a bastion of security in the digital realm," Milidrag explained.

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