Everything is possible in volleyball! BKS BOSTIK ZGO from Bielsko-Bjala with an incredible winning turn

Can you win a volleyball match when you are down 0-2 in sets and 20-24 in the third set? You can!

Such an extraordinary feat was achieved by the volleyball players of BKS BOSTIK ZGO from Bielsko-Biała, a team that plays in the Polish league...

This extraordinary game was played on Monday, December 4! The team from Bielsko-Biała was hosted by MOYA Radomka Radom.

The host was down three sets but turned around when the score was 0-2 in sets and 20-24 in the third set. BKS BOSTIK ZGO won with 27:25, and the following sets 25:17 and 17:15, showing that everything is possible in volleyball!

This season, the team from Bielsko-Biała, apart from the Polish league, is also participating in the European CEV Cup and has already achieved its first successes.

In the first round, they defeated the Hungarian Svitelski Bekeschaba, and in the next round they played against... another Polish team - Gruppa Azoti Chemik Police.

- Participation in the CEV Cup after a ten-year break is a great prestige for us, but also another phase of the club's development and an interesting experience - says Alexandra Jagielo - a two-time European volleyball champion, and currently the president of the club from Bielsko-Biała!

The return of Bielsko volleyball players to the European Cups became an excuse for BKS BOSTIK ZGO Bielsko-Biała to promote the city and Poland on the international stage, not only through our game – In addition to the promotion of volleyball, we want to emphasize which city and country we are from. We try to show that Bielsko-Biała and Poland are beautiful places for vacation. Bielsko-Biała is not only a beautiful town with an interesting history, but also an area worth visiting for its landscape. The long range of the Beskid Mountains is a great respite from the multitude of daily responsibilities. This is also appreciated by the players who, on days off from training, can go for a walk to Klimtsok, Blatna or Kozia Gora (mountain peaks), or take a cable car to Šindzielnia - adds the president.

The team from Bielsko-Biała is the fourth team in last year's competition of the Polish women's volleyball championship. The best volleyball player from Estonia – Kertu Laak, the experienced Brazilian Regiane Bidias and the Polish national team members: Julia Nowicka, Joanna Pacak and Paulina Damaske.

Interestingly, Joana Volosh, currently one of the world's best setters, as well as Dorota Šwienijevic, chosen as the best volleyball player in Europe in 2005, also played for this club in the past.

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