In a new study, neurologists find: Several symptoms can appear five years before the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Photo: Pexels/Anna Shvets

The new study of neurologists from the Sorbonne University in Paris showed that there are several known symptoms that affect multiple sclerosis patients up to five years before they are finally diagnosed with the disease.

As neuroscientists are finding out, constipation can be one of the early warning signs of multiple sclerosis. They also believe that urinary tract infections, depression и sexual problems may indicate that someone is unknowingly suffering from this serious condition.

"Of course, not everyone who has these symptoms will develop multiple sclerosis. These symptoms are common and can be signs of other diseases", says Dr. Celine Luapré.

However, Dr. Luapre believes that this finding could be useful for those who are at higher risk of developing the disease, namely people with a family history of multiple sclerosis.

Typical symptoms of the autoimmune condition include difficulty walking, vision problems and stiffness, and multiple sclerosis patients have been found to suffer from constipation, bladder infections, depression and sexual problems.

Because of the unpredictability of symptoms, years may pass before patients are diagnosed with the disease. There is no cure, but treatments such as steroids can control the condition and relieve symptoms.

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