There are currently more than 13 billion digital yuan

Yuan / Illustration Profimedia

The amount of digital yuan in circulation will reach 13,61 billion, (about 2,01 billion US dollars) by the end of 2022, data from China's central bank showed, up 15,3 percent from the previous year, Beta agency reported. , reports Kamatica.

As legal tender in digital form, the digital yuan is an integral part of the Chinese currency, just like the physical renminbi. It is necessary to combine statistics and analysis, as well as implement overall management of the two forms of currency, the bank's vice governor Xuan Changneng said, Xinhua reported.

With the application scenarios, transaction values ​​and volume of digital yuan steadily increasing in recent years, the relative management and settlement systems have improved, Xuan said. The inclusion of the digital yuan in M0 could more accurately reflect the volume of money in circulation, he added.

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