Hell educator arrested in Lyon: Kills baby with acid to clear drain

Baby / Photo: MIA

A 27-year-old kindergarten teacher in Lyon, France, killed an 11-month-old baby with a drain cleaner because, she said, she could no longer bear the baby's cries.

Emergency services who arrived at the scene said the girl was found lifeless in a kindergarten in Lyon and was immediately taken to hospital. Despite the attempts for resuscitation, the child died, reports Phoenix Magazine.

Investigators initially suspected an accident, but it soon became clear that the educator had killed the baby.

The educator acted in a fit of rage, writes the newspaper Le Progres.

She revealed the truth to investigators. She gave the child a drink to clean the drains. The girl was constantly crying and the 27-year-old educator stated that "she could not stand it anymore".

According to Le Progress, the liquid he gave to the girl is DesTop, a powerful means of unclogging drains.

The lawyer of the educator told the local television BFMTV that she does not see any intention in her actions to kill the baby. The educator claims that she mistakenly gave the baby poisonous liquid and that she only "wanted to calm him down".

The investigation is ongoing.

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