Two new cases of pertussis were registered in Kumanovo

Kumanovo hospital
Hospital in Kumanovo / Photo: Free Press Archive

A 40-year-old resident of Kriva Palanka and a five-year-old child from Kumanovo are newly registered pertussis patients at the Kumanovo Public Health Center, officials from the institution informed today.

The adult patient was registered on February 23rd, while the five-year-old child was registered on February 16th of this year.

- He was confirmed at the Institute of Public Health, he is not hospitalized, he is being treated at home, said doctor Edita Ramizi, from CJZ Kumanovo.

The 40-year-old man is fully vaccinated with all doses of the vaccine received. The five-year-old child is a laboratory case confirmed in a private laboratory. The boy, as the doctor said, has not been vaccinated and does not attend kindergarten. It is on home treatment with therapy.

The Public Health Center previously said there were three cases of children with pertussis.

Three children from Kumanovo, two from the same family at the age of four years and 13 months and another 18 month old child, were sick with pertussis until February 9th of this year. All were laboratory-confirmed cases, unvaccinated and not attending kindergarten.

Earlier, Zdravstven dom Kumanovo informed that the interest in vaccination is growing. Parents who, for various reasons, did not vaccinate their children until now, now take them to the health centers

- With the increase in the number of pertussis patients, the number of vaccinated children began to increase. Parents forget the revaccination, because it follows after receiving the MRP vaccine. I think everyone has seen the video of the baby who can't take a breath from the disease, so even now parents are more scared, they come to vaccinate babies and older children. Unfortunately, we have four-year-old children who have not received a single dose, which is worrying, said Valentina Bogoevska-Dimitrievska from the Kumanovo dispensary.

Both public institutions appealed to parents to vaccinate their children so that forgotten diseases do not return to the region and the country.

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