A thief caught robbing a casino in Kisela Voda

Casinos / Photo: Illustration

Yesterday in Kisela Voda, a 43-year-old resident of the capital was arrested, who is suspected of robbing a casino in the Skopje neighborhood, the Ministry of Interior announced.

"On 17.09.2021 at 10.00 on the street" Vera Jocic "in Skopje, police officers from the SIA Skopje - EU Kisela Voda arrested EA (43) from Skopje due to a well-founded suspicion of having committed a crime" serious theft ”. On September 16.09.2021, XNUMX, he took money from a casino on Hristo Tatarchev Street. "In a conversation with police officers, he confessed to the crime and after the case is fully documented, an appropriate charge will be filed against him." a police statement said.

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