In the interest of good neighborly relations, the Croatian head of diplomacy met with his Serbian counterpart

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The Croatian head of diplomacy Gordan Grlic Radman today he is visiting the Croatian House in Subotica and the Croatian community in the north of Vojvodina and said that his arrival is an opportunity to talk with the representatives of Serbia about good neighborly relations between the two countries.

After the visit to the Croatian National Council, Minister Grlic Radman will talk with the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic.

On the eve of that meeting, he stated that they will talk "in good faith, in the interest of Serbia and Croatia, of the two peoples". "In the interest of good neighborly relations, because we have to talk", Grlic Radman added.

He pointed out that there are certain open questions that are a consequence of the Homeland War.

"Even though more than 30 years have passed, the wounds are still fresh. First of all, we are talking about 1.816 missing and kidnapped persons in Croatia", he said.

Grlic Radman emphasized that the open issues, if not resolved, "will burden future generations and the relations between the two countries".

He concluded that the Croatian House, whose construction was financed by Croatia, is an example that Croats in Serbia have strong support from their homeland.

After the meeting with his colleague Ivica Dacic, Minister Grlić Radman will visit the headquarters of the Democratic Union of Croats in Vojvodina

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