A father and son were arrested in Greece for buying sunflower oil from Bulgaria and reselling it as olive oil

The oil seized yesterday by the Greek police/Photo: Police Greece

The Thessaloniki police arrested a father and son who ran an illegal business of producing and distributing counterfeit olive oil.

In particular, according to the police, the arrested are two men aged 36 and 80, against whom a criminal complaint has been filed for adulterating oil and putting it into circulation.

As it emerged from the police investigation, the persons created an adequate and organized infrastructure for the illegal preparation and packaging of olive oil, which they produced by processing sunflower oil with the addition of appropriate coloring substances, as well as its packaging and distribution on the market, as extra virgin olive oil.

They imported the raw material (sunflower oil) from Bulgaria, and then, using appropriate coloring, sold it as "extra virgin olive oil" with different labels from regions of Greece and distributed it on the market in Bulgaria and Greece.

In the investigation carried out yesterday (01.12.2023) in a warehouse of a company that operates a wholesale trade in food products, located in the area of ​​the municipality of Delta, the Greek police found and confiscated 6.644 liters of counterfeit olive oil, which was in 5 and 3 liter containers with label "extra virgin olive oil" from various companies, 6500 liters of sunflower oil in seven plastic tanks, numerous "extra virgin olive oil" labels, one complete and operational oil filling and formulation facility consisting of pipelines and tanks that contain a liquid of unknown chemical composition and dubious quality, 9.035 empty metal oil storage containers as well as 358 empty plastic oil storage containers as well as a truck used to transport the oil.

- The arrested, with the case filed against them, will be taken to the competent judicial authorities, and samples of the confiscated packaged counterfeit olive oil products will be taken and will be sent to the State Chemical Laboratory, the Greek police said.

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