2010 unaccompanied refugee children are taken care of in Greece

Refugee children in Greece
Refugee children in Greece / Photo: EPA-EFE/DIMITRIS TOSIDIS

The estimates of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum of Greece are that there are 2010 unaccompanied refugee children living in the country, the majority of whom are boys, the MIA correspondent from Athens reported.

According to official data, 1737 are placed in spaces for long-term stay, and the remaining 273 are provided with temporary accommodation.

Almost nine out of ten unaccompanied refugee children, i.e. 88 percent are boys, 12 percent are girls, and six percent of the total number are under 14 years old.

The total number includes 32 children who are accompanied by an adult, but is not their legal guardian, as well as 13 children from Ukraine who are accompanied by three persons.

Source: MIA

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