There are about 180 thousand working pensioners in Greece, the age limit will not change!

The Greek Government expects that by the end of June, the number of retired employees who will report their work through the EFKA special platform will reach record heights.

- The number will reach 180.000 during the summer," said Labor Minister Domna Mihailidou, expressing optimism about the excessive success of the measure. The number of pensioners who have already registered their jobs reached 84.000, while before the implementation of the new regime they barely reached 30.000. In fact, this is a big step towards the fight against black work, because many of those who declare their work have previously worked without being seen and insured, To Wima reported.

At the same time, Mihailidou referred to the debate that opened about the retirement age, noting that there is no such issue in the Government.

"Our country has one of the highest general retirement ages in the European Union and despite the demographic crisis, several steps have been taken to make our insurance system sustainable. As for pending pension decisions, official figures put them at 74.000. Of these, 21.000 refer to main pensions, 26.000 auxiliary, 9.000 flat-rate benefits and 18.000 are international pensions, that is, pensions where part of the insurance applies to a foreign country.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the average time for issuing new pensions is 2 months, and in 2019 it was 18 months! Today, more than 1.250 pensions are issued daily, compared to 500 in 2019, and 95% of the total outstanding pensions relating to the years 2021-2022 and 2023 have been cleared.

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