There are 50 percent fewer IT professionals in Greece than in the EU

photo: EPA

While the demand for programmers and IT specialists is huge, causing headaches for many foreign companies, Greece still does not employ many workers in this sector. In fact, it is the first to record negative figures compared to other EU countries, as the demands for digital transformation of both the public and private sectors increase dramatically.

Meanwhile, businesses are expected to begin an even bigger hunt for talent in the near future, given the rapid spread of artificial intelligence.

According to Eurostat data, 9,8 million people were employed in the EU in 2023, far above the European average. The percentage of specialists in the field of information and communication technologies in relation to the total number of employees reaches 2,4% in Greece, which results in the country occupying the last place in the European ranking after Romania (2,6%), Slovenia (3,8 .4,1%) and Italy. (XNUMX%).

Seven out of ten companies in Greece have unfilled positions for IT specialists, analyzes Kathimerini.

Why is this happening? The low employment rates of IT specialists are a serious indicator of the backwardness of both the country's production model and the educational system. At the top of the ranking, according to Eurostat data, is Sweden, with an employment rate of ICT specialists of 8,7%, followed by Luxembourg (8%) and Finland (7,6%). The Netherlands is ranked quite high (6,9%), while in Estonia the percentage of ICT specialists compared to total employees is 6,7%.

In recent years, the graduation rate from computer science and engineering faculties has ranged from 40% to 63%, while the IT market needs 7.500 more graduates than those graduating each year.

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