315 tons of food, water, hygiene products were dropped in Gaza - Germany's air aid mission has ended

Photo: Reuters

Today, the German A400M transport plane took off from Jordan for the last time, and with that the country's air aid mission over the Gaza Strip, which began 2 and a half months ago, ended.

Germany joined the operation along with several other countries to drop desperately needed humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip in March.

France and the United States also took part in the operation, initiated by Jordan.

The defense ministry said in March it would deploy the German part of a joint German-French airlift squadron to take part in the mission. The team was equipped with C-130J Hercules transport aircraft,

"People in Gaza lack the most basic needs. We want to do our part to ensure they have access to food and medicine," Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said at the time.

Since mid-March, the Air Force has dropped about 315 tons of food, water, hygiene supplies and other relief items to help the affected population.

In the future, the international community will try to bring as many supplies as possible to the Palestinian coastal territory by land and sea routes.

"With zjoining forces, we were able to make our contribution to alleviating the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip", said the Chief of the German Air Force Ingo Gerharz.

Germany participated in the initiative along with Jordan, the United States, France and other countries.

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