In France, 80 people suspected of abusing children were arrested

France Police / Photo: Printscreen

In France this week, 80 men were arrested on suspicion of child abuse, in a major crackdown that revealed the scourge affects all social classes.

An unnamed senior police official told Agence France-Presse that it was the largest operation carried out in France and that among those arrested were two educators, a sports coach and a supervisor at a home for children with developmental disabilities, Beta reports.

One of the teachers stole photos and video recordings of his students, and he is accused of sexually abusing a student, the police said.

Among those arrested are ten men suspected of rape of minors or sexual assault.

Those arrested range in age from 30 to more than 60 years old, and among them there is a local official, an engineer and an unemployed man.

"There is no typical profile among these criminals, we come across all socio-professional categories," said a police representative, adding that more than 100.000 videos and photos of child abuse were found during the search. The images were stored on computers, hard drives or in other digital forms. "Some of the content was extremely violent," said a police officer.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen welcomed the work of the police and the "great action against this type of crime". He added that the investigation is still ongoing.

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