In the EU, electricity has decreased by as much as 60 percent

Power Line / Photo: EPA

Energy prices in the European Union continued to fall. Natural gas prices were recently at the same level as in the fall of 2018 and at their lowest level since June 2023. Electricity prices were also 60 percent lower in December 2023 than in the previous year, writes the "Stainless Espresso" portal, and transmits the bulletin of the Energy Agency of Serbia AERS.

Gas prices could fall even further given the US and the upcoming decision to export liquefied natural gas (LNG). Although wholesale electricity prices are still at a higher level due to significant irregularities in the distribution of prices in Europe, the minimum electricity price in the EU in September 2023 was only €15,80 per megawatt hour, the lowest level since December 2020 year.

Average exchange rate 117,1958 dinars for the euro, 108,3641 dinars for the dollar. The comparison of December 2022 with December 2023 even shows that the price of electricity has decreased by more than 60 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.

Adjustment and further liberalization of the European energy market is urgently needed to compensate for this imbalance in regional energy costs and to prevent spending billions in subsidies to large customers in the steel industry, for example, who are clearly unable or unwilling to negotiate own energy.

Cheaper by 70 percent, coal looks attractive due to the rise in oil prices. Crude oil prices have increased by approximately 15 percent in the past eight weeks, indicating a potential change in sentiment among market participants, according to an analysis by the American financial portal "Seeking Alpha" and published by the AERS newsletter, Politika reported. Rs.

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