In the midst of tensions with the "fire group", DUI holds a session of the Central Presidency

DUI headquarters in Mala Recica, Tetovo / photo: MIA

Today, the Democratic Union for Integration will hold a session of the Central Presidency at the party headquarters in Mala Recica near Tetovo, on the agenda of which is expected to be a discussion on the "Front for Europe".

The organizational secretary of DUI and also the mayor of the Municipality of Saraj, Blerim Bexheti, said yesterday that he hopes that at today's session of the Central Presidency, the debate on the issues "that create differences between the executive power and a significant part of the party" will continue.

- At the last session, the conclusion was reached that the two reports should be reviewed and the debate on the report related to accountability, which is transparency, a European value, and I believe, at the very least, I expect to continue debating on all those issues that actually create differences between the executive power and a significant part of the Democratic Union for Integration. That point of the agenda should be continued to see if it has worked, if there are results and if they are fulfilled with specific engagements and implementation of projects, according to the election program of DUI. This will be proposed as an agenda item, Bejetti said.

But after his statement, a new "cold shower" followed for the "firemen" - the party leader in the afternoon Ali Ahmeti set it Rafis Aliti for political coordinator in the branch in Saraj, which is considered a bastion of Begeti. Ahmeti made a similar move a few weeks ago, when he appointed him Bujar Osmani for a coordinator in the Chair, which met with fierce reactions from Izzet Majiti, another leader of the "fires".

A group of prominent DUI members, who were called the "Fire Group", published an open letter at the end of September in which they accused that the statutory party bodies did not exist and were not formed in the party for almost two years and that political decision-making had become individual. The letter, signed by about 20 members of the DUI, including Izet Majiti, Moussa Xhaferi, Visar Ganiu, Nevzat Beita, Blerim Bejeti, Merita Kodjadziku, called for an internal party debate to overcome the situation and appealed to the party's leader. Ahmeti "to use his political and statutory authority to find a solution to preserve party unity".

- In DUI, the statutory party bodies have not existed and have not been established for almost two years. As a consequence of this, political decision-making became an individual property. There is no debate and consultation with the party bases. Personnel elections have turned into the privilege of the individual Artan Grubi, the letter stated, among other things. The signatories pointed out that the "arrogant behavior of the executive power" led by the first deputy prime minister and minister of political system and relations between communities Artan Grubi, caused "dissatisfaction, revolt and passivity of the structures and voters".

After this, at the beginning of October, a meeting of the "firemen" was held with the DUI leadership, at which it was agreed to elect the new party leadership on October 15. At this meeting held in Tetovo, Izet Majiti, Arber Ademi, Bajram Redzepi and Arbana Pasholi were elected as vice-presidents of the party. Faton Ahmeti was elected as the general secretary of DUI, Blerim Bejeti as the organizational secretary, and Saranda Imeri as the secretary for equal opportunities. Ali Ahmeti, Ramiz Merko, Jeton Shaqiri, Fatmir Dehari, Kreshnik Bekteshi, Talat Xhaferi, Nevzat Beita, Valdet Xhaferi, Teuta Arifi, Jevat Ademi, Artan Grubi, Bujar Osmani, Visar Ganiu, Nazim Bushi, Eyup were elected as members of the Central Council. Halimi, Ariane Daci, Besnik Emshiu, Mirsad Ibrahimi, Ardita Dani, Bilent Sali, Resi Abdurrahmani, Shergil Beqiri, Shaban Memeti, Artin Spahiu and Emir Suleimani.

However, despite the inclusion of members of the so-called A fiery group in the top leadership of DUI, its members continued their activities on the ground, holding meetings with party members and voters across the country, where they present their commitments for changes in the party.

The conflict in DUI intensified after Ahmeti appointed the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani as the coordinator of the Chair branch, a move that is illegal for the "firemen", since Izet Majiti is the president of the Chair branch. They interpret this decision as the party's elimination of the "firemen" and an announcement that they expect similar steps towards other "disobedient coordinators".

Ahmeti appointed Bujar Osmani as the first man of DUI in Chair, Izet Majiti is angry

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