The premiere of the play "Picnic on the Front" directed by Andrej Cvetanovski will take place in the Drama Theater

A scene from the play "Picnic on the Front"

The premiere of the play "Picnic on the Front" will take place on November 28 (Tuesday), at 20:XNUMX p.m., on the big stage in the Drama Theater Skopje. The play is based on the text of Fernando Arabal and directed by Andrej Cvetanovski.

Biljana Dragićević – Projkovska, Filip Trajkovic, Damjan Cvetanovski, Stefan Vujisić and Sonja Stamboldzioska play the roles of the play. The scenography is by Sergey Svetozarev, the costume design by Rade Vasilev, and the choice of music by Dimitar Andonovski. The inspector is Zharko Namichev, and the prompter is Danica Ilieva.

- War is a monster that swallows everything in front of it, countries, cities, settlements, neighborhoods, buildings, families, people... And it stops at nothing. From that moment, all ambitions, desires, dreams become distant and normal life as if did not exist, only the need to survive.

This play is for such people, who are tired of living by the rules of survival, but want to play with life and try to make war their own game that will be their therapy. Through their story to tell how terrible the war is, they always end up in their traumas from the war and the event that determined them as the people they are now, or husks of what they used to be.

Through the struggle to remain human and to dream, we will tell the story of those shadows of people who are still trying to survive. Since these days, while the last rehearsals of this play are being done, the OSCE Summit is being prepared in Macedonia, I would like to invite all statesmen from the "civilized" world to watch the play, maybe, just maybe, that way we will have less husks of people because of it , because of the war - director Andrej Cvetanovski points out.

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