In parts of the administration, there is too strong party influence, says European ambassador Gir

David Geer - EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The country needs an expert, independent and professional public administration, without which there is no growth and development, said European Ambassador David Geer. According to him, there are results in terms of reorganization, but the system also has weaknesses that have been noted, and too strong party influence in certain parts of the administration is also evident.

- What we want to see is the strengthening of the administration, to ensure that it has expertise, independence and professionalism. It is always difficult, there are fiscal pressures, there is not just one crisis, but a series of crises. We always emphasize the importance of ensuring that the administration can hire, retain, promote and advance people who have the necessary expertise to get the job done. This includes allowances, salaries and that is an important element. I will not comment on the various decisions regarding the policies that the Government will adopt in specific areas, but as a general principle, that is, our principle is that you should have an expert public service capable of implementing the reforms, with help. Without it, the country cannot develop and grow. There are several aspects here – funding, party influence that is too strong in certain parts of the administration, but you need to have a public, state service that can deliver what is needed. There is a lot of work to be done to strengthen the public service - said Gir, answering journalist's questions after signing the contracts for the project to build accountable institutions for managing public finances.

According to him, the administration should adapt to the current needs and follow the changes in the world.

- There are major weaknesses in the system, they are identified in our Country Report, but we closely cooperate with the civil service in the direction of building its capacity, because without an effective civil service we will not get anywhere. Therefore, it is also a priority. And therefore, in accession there are what are called fundamentals - issues that are very important and must be evaluated at every moment of the process, from the beginning to the moment of joining the EU. I wouldn't say it doesn't have results. What you have is a system that needs to adapt to current needs, the changing world and the EU accession process so that it can enjoy the benefits of EU membership and be resilient in that sense. We are engaged in a long-term process of support in upgrading the civil service, and this includes a long-term discussion. We have provided expertise on the matter of reorganization to ensure that the administration is as good as possible, including EU practices. We follow the reforms in public administrations very closely. This is essential because it is about implementing the reforms, the significant aid we are providing and preparing the country to manage things like structural funds, Gere added.

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