In Debar and Centar Zupa, 37 sick and weak people voted

In the municipalities of Debar and Centar Zupa, 37 sick and weak people exercised their right to vote today, almost the same number as in the last elections in 2019.

39 were reported, but after reviewing the documentation two of the requests were rejected. No Covid-19-infected or isolated person was reported in either municipality.

- In the municipality of Debar, out of the 21 submitted requests, the right to vote today was given to 20 sick and weak people, as much as they achieved. "Today, the election material was distributed without any problems, and we expect everything to go well tomorrow," Majide Atipi, chairwoman of the Municipal Election Commission, told MIA.

Tomorrow in this municipality the election process will take place in 27 polling stations, and 19.211 people with the right to vote are registered in the single voter list.

In the municipality of Centar Zupa, 18 people registered to vote in their home, one request was rejected and today 17 people voted.

According to the President of the MEC, Nedzip Iljaz, in this municipality the election material is distributed to the election boards. Voting will take place tomorrow at 16 polling stations, and 7.317 people should exercise their right to vote

Source MIA