In Montenegro, limited prices of 25 products in 6 retail chains

Shopping in the market
Market Shopping / Free Press Photo Archive

In Montenegro, the "Stop Inflation" campaign was launched today, which includes limiting the prices of a total of 25 products in order to suppress the galloping inflation, which can be purchased in six large retail chains.

These prices will be valid until the end of April, while in May there will be a new list of discounted products. Among the products are eggs, chicken meat, cheese, milk, yogurt, potatoes, dried meat products, chocolate, coffee, as well as hygiene products.

The selection of the specific item from the defined type of product is carried out by the merchant himself and forms the price according to the previously reached agreement with the Ministry. The trade margin in retail should not exceed five percent, because it is also limited in wholesale, writes Kamatica. The Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Goran Djurovic, announced that all trade chains reacted to the action.

"We defined the product list to cover everything. All the chain stores provided a list that was even larger than we asked for. I think this is a good move to start with. We will monitor how the action unfolds in the coming period," Djurovic said. When asked why there is no oil and flour in the basket, Djurovic says that the reason is that the margins of oil, flour, sugar and salt were previously limited. "It is legally restricted." "This is now on a voluntary basis and by agreement," he said.

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