In honor of George Michael: The British Royal Mint has produced a collector's coin with the image of the singer

Photo: Royal Mint / Ferrari / Profimedia

The British Royal Mint has issued a collector's coin featuring the image of legendary pop singer George Michael, who died on Christmas Day 2016 in London. The coin belongs to the Royal Mint's latest "Legends of Music" series, which has so far paid tribute to David Bowie, Queen and Sir Elton John. "Sky News".

Coins in gold, silver, silver-red-black color were made in his honor. They feature the pop singer's image wearing aviator sunglasses and a cross-shaped earring, which he wore in 1987 while recording the solo single 'Faith'. The chorus of this song is engraved on the reverse of the coin. The coin was designed by sculptor Sandra Dejana and will go on sale in a few days.

Photo: Instagram / royalmintuk

"Since his debut with the group 'Wem!' to becoming one of the best-selling solo artists of all time, George Michael is a global superstar whose work has inspired and influenced generations with his music and his unique style. We are delighted to introduce to the world the official British coin celebrating the life and legacy of George Michael," said Rebecca Morgan, Director at the Royal Mint.

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