In honor of Ademi: Dynamo temporarily retired the number five shirt

Photo: GNK Dynamo

The number "5" jersey with which he performed Arian Ademi in Dinamo Zagreb will be withdrawn, the Croatian giant announced tonight.

Dynamo confirmed that Ademi is the first player in the club's history to have a number retired, but the number will only be retired while Ademi is playing football professionally.

"We are aware that in football it is ungrateful to retire a number. Looking at the history of Dynamo and the legends who played for our club and left a big mark, we were determined not to retire a single number. However, the club made a decision to retire the shirt with the number "five" until Ademi stops actively playing football, that is, until he finishes his career. Until then, the number five jersey will be reserved for him alone."

"This is a small token of gratitude that we can express to Ariane for everything he has done over the past 13 years. In this way, Dynamo once again highlights the importance that our captain had in the club," the club's announcement reads.

Ademi, we will remind, is continuing his career in China in the Peking Guan team, with which he signed a three-year contract for a salary of around 1.5 million euros per season.

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