"In honor and memory of Tose": Postage stamp on the occasion of Tose Proeski's birthday

Photo by MIA.mk

AD "Post of Northern Macedonia" on the occasion of the birthday of Tose Proeski, January 25 starts the action - "In honor and memory of Tose" through which you can buy a postage stamp, FDC envelope, maximum ticket and mass envelope.

As explained by the Post Office, philatelic products can be ordered online through the e-shop of the Post Office.

- Stamps are an eternal monument. Such is the postage stamp dedicated to Tose Proeski which the Post Office issued in honor of our biggest music star. The stamp (photo by Darko Moraitov), ​​for the first time in the history of Macedonia was printed in one million copies, with a nominal value of 12 denars. The brand, which was launched on December 15, 2007, travels the world as does its music and song, the statement said.

Let's remember, they add, to Tose and send a postage stamp, with the image of Tose, to our friend or to the Memorial House of Tose Proeski in Krushevo and write how much Tose means to us.

"Let us show that we all love him as much as he loved us!" The statement reads.

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