In Bulgaria, the most desired gifts for Valentine's Day have become more expensive

Valentine's Day/ Photo: Kristin Lee / Tetra Images / Profimedia

Due to inflation and higher costs for traders and manufacturers, the most popular gifts for February 14 are at least 20 percent higher, writes "24Chasa" bg. Despite the growth, demand is not decreasing, and hotels and restaurants are almost fully booked. A week before St. Valentine merchants offer more and more attractive offers.

"It is very important for the holiday to find the most suitable gift", say the citizens.

The preparation for St. Valentin started importing flowers. A few weeks before February 14, millions of roses went from the world's great greenhouses to the markets in Bulgaria. And the deliveries are at least 5-6 times larger than the standard ones.

Traditionally, red roses remain the most sought after for ladies – about 80-90 percent of purchases, reports Nova bg. This year, however, inflation affected the production and trade of flowers. The growth starts from the big world stock exchanges and reaches the market in Bulgaria, says the manager of the flower exchange Tanya Savova.

And this accounts for at least 60-70 percent of the costs. Energy and transport bills have grown the most in the sector over the last year.

That is why the price increase of roses for this Valentine's Day is inevitable, traders on the stock exchanges calculate. The greatest interest around Valentine's Day is currently in tourism. Spa hotels, luxury restaurants and travel agencies offer hundreds of offers.

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