An agreement on electoral reform has not yet been reached in BiH

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Photo: MIA

No agreement has been reached in the Federation of BiH after a series of several hours of talks over the past three days on changes in the election legislation of international representatives with political leaders.

The US Special Representative for Election Law in BiH, Matthew Palmer, expects an agreement to be reached by the end of the year. Speaking to Al Jazeera Balkans, Palmer said the parties now knew what was on the table and needed to "take things seriously".

BiH party leaders discuss electoral reform with Palmer and European Union Foreign Affairs Director Angelina Eichorz.


Palmer reiterated that BiH has the full support of the United States.

"We are confident that this is an opportunity to deal with electoral reforms and limited and targeted changes to the Constitution (BiH)." "These reforms would strengthen the institutional framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the elections in the autumn of next year would be more transparent and accountable, and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be confident that their vote counts and that it reflects on state institutions," Palmer said.

Eichorz said that "it is still early for an agreement", but that it is actively working on it

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