In Albania, 550 new cases of Covid-19, the most in the last three months

Tirana, Infectious Diseases Clinic / Photo: MIA

In the last 550 hours in Albania, 19 new cases of Covid-XNUMX have been confirmed, which is twice as high as in recent days and is the highest number in the last three months.

- The number of newly infected is increasing. In the last 24 hours of 1.537 tests, the virus was confirmed in 550 or 35,8 percent of those tested. One deceased has been registered and 19 patients are in hospital, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare announced.

The Ministry reiterates the appeal for the citizens to be vaccinated, to be more careful, especially in the period that follows when the contacts increase due to the movement in the summer season. He reminds that any person over the age of 12 can be immunized in all health institutions.

Official statistics confirm that so far 1.846.098 tests have been performed in the country, a positive result was obtained in 279.717 people, 274.054 recovered, 2.164 active in the disease and 3.499 people died.

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