Beware: Counterfeit coins on Macedonian roads

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For some time now, the employees of the toll plazas of the Public Enterprise for State Roads have been warning about the appearance of counterfeit 2 euro coins, the penalty of which they themselves pay at the very end. learns. Namely, after the competent bank discovers the counterfeit coins, they are sent to the National Bank, and in the end it is deducted from the salaries of the employees for such a violation.

Such a problem is not only current here, but also in the whole of Europe. Major police operations were launched this summer in countries such as Italy and Ireland to find out who produces these coins.

In a joint action of the Bulgarian and Greek police, supported by Europol, an organized criminal group was broken up a few years ago, and a forge was discovered in a rural farm near Thessaloniki. The police then seized various machines, tools and similar devices.

These coins here at the toll booths mainly come from foreign vehicles. NBRSM told that for the first six months of the year, they received 259 suspicious coins with a denomination of 1 euro and 11.579 with a denomination of 2 euros.

In our country, a report is drawn up for each detected counterfeit coin, which is submitted to the bearer of the money and to the Ministry of the Interior, which are responsible for investigative and operational actions related to the fight against counterfeiting of money.

Banks do not have adequate equipment to detect counterfeit coins, as there is for banknotes. One of the possible detection methods is the magnetization of the coins, but lately counterfeiters have solved that "problem" as well. Except at toll booths, the use of coins is avoided in banks

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