VMRO-DPMNE: Spasovski and Bochvarski to resign

VMRO headquarters building
VMRO headquarters / photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

"Almost 140 times the Besa Trans bus crossed the border and drove without a license. He passed police controls, customs controls and inspections and they all knowingly missed them without complete documentation. Bochvarski and Spasovski could not help but know that this company drives all year and more without licenses, and is tolerated by all state services at the same time. "Protection of this kind can not be provided by any individual in an institution," the White House of VMRO-DPMNE announced this morning.

"Who ordered Besa Trans buses to cross the border more than 100 times without a permit?" Who benefited from Besa Trans's illegal business that claimed 44 lives?

Spasovski and Bochvarski could not but know, they had a duty to know. That is why they both have to resign.

"Only with the resignations of Spasovski and Bochvarski will the institutions be liberated and it will be possible to determine who and why tolerated Besa Trans, and whether that person is at the top of the government?" ask the opposition party.


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