VMRO-DPMNE loses the Speaker's post?


There is still no agreement to whom the presidential chair in the Assembly will belong, say VMRO-DPMNE, although they confirm that the Albanian partner is exerting a lot of pressure for that position.

The transformation of the ministries announced by the future mandate holder Hristijan Mickoski is the key to the distribution of portfolios in the new government between VMRO-DPMNE and the "Vredi" coalition. Since Mickoski announced the reorganization of the government, negotiations with "Vredi" are being conducted for departments that will function after the reform of the government. According to this, the department of labor merges with the department of economy, that is, "Vredi" gets one minister, unless the department of social affairs goes to her. There will be no vice prime minister for good governance, which Taravari mentions, and it is also uncertain whether the position of first vice prime minister will survive.

Negotiations between the two sides were supposed to be completed at a new meeting yesterday. In the meantime, some of the personnel solutions that will be ministers in Mickoski's government are mentioned. While "Vredi" briefs that the main cake, i.e. the first echelon, has already been agreed, VMRO-DPMNE say that the negotiations are still ongoing and that the division has not been completed.

According to information from "Vredi", apart from the speaker's chair in the Parliament, the coalition gets the ministries of health, labor and social affairs, economy, environment and European integration, as well as a deputy prime minister, most likely for the fight against corruption. This means that "Vredi" will be in charge of five ministries, one deputy prime minister, if the wording remains the first deputy prime minister, it will be one of the ministers, as well as the president of the Parliament. Names of possible ministers from "Vredi" are already being speculated. In a statement to MIA, Arben Taravari says that he has not yet decided whether he will be the Minister of Health and confirms that some of the articles are correct.

- We haven't talked about directors yet. Regarding ministers from the Alliance, I said that we will have a deputy prime minister, that is, a minister for good governance and transparency and a minister of health, two deputy ministers for defense and agriculture, and two state secretaries. I know about one, about health, about the other I am not sure - says Taravari.

The leader of Alternativa, Afrim Gashi, is mentioned as the president of the Assembly.
VMRO-DPMNE told "Sloboden Pechat" that there is no agreement yet for the Speaker of the Assembly to be from "Vredi", although they confirm that there is great pressure from the Albanian partner for that position.
The assembly is preparing for the constitutive session.

At the coordination with the President of the Assembly, Jovan Mitreski, it was agreed that it will be scheduled for May 28 in order to complete the possible objections to the SEC after the re-voting yesterday in the Fifth and Sixth electoral units. As we announced, the session will be chaired by the oldest MP Merita Kolchi Kodzadziku, and there will be three items on the agenda - election of the Verification Commission, election of the Commission on Elections and Appointments and election of the President of the Assembly. According to parliamentary sources, in order to avoid the nomination of more candidates for the president of the Parliament, VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi" will probably go for the option of proposing the new speaker of the Parliament by 20 MPs instead of it being a proposal of the Commission for Elections and Appointments. In such a case, there are less chances that SDSM, DUI and Left will come up with their proposals for the Speaker's chair, because each of them does not have 20 MPs.

After the re-voting in the Fifth and Sixth constituencies, there was a change in the new parliamentary composition. Imerlie Saliu from the "Vredi" coalition became an MP in the "sixth", and Fatmire Isaki from the European Front lost her mandate. In the "five" and after the re-voting, there is no change in mandates.

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