VMRO-DPMNE published its proposals for the Negotiating Framework and the EU Common Position

VMRO-DPMNE building / Photo: MIA

VMRO-DPMNE published its draft comments to the EU General Position (Negotiation Framework) and the EU Common Position (Accession Negotiations) in relation to Macedonia.

Here are the remarks proposed by the party:

"In the document called the General Position of the EU, we propose:

In point three, the words "the EU takes into account the respective unilateral declarations of Bulgaria and Macedonia on the Macedonian language" are deleted. In paragraph three, after the word "EU", the words "the same will be in the Macedonian language" are added.

In point five of the Negotiating Framework, the last paragraph that reads "Taking into account the above, Macedonia's commitment to good neighborly relations and closer regional cooperation, including by achieving visible results and implementing bilateral agreements in good faith, including the Prespa Agreement with Greece and the Agreement on Good Neighborly Relations with Bulgaria of 2017, as well as the annual reviews and measures for its effective implementation under Article 12), in accordance with the Thessaloniki Agenda for the Western Balkans adopted in June 2003, the Sofia Declaration of May 2018, the Declaration from Zagreb from May 2020 and the Declaration from Brdo from October 2021, the conclusions of the Council on the process of enlargement and stabilization and association from March 2020 and December 2021 and other relevant conclusions of the Council".

In the document called the EU Common Position we propose:

In point 1, after the word "of", the words "the first phase of" are deleted.
Point 11 is deleted which reads: "We will present this Negotiating Framework to you based on the general position of the EU, during the next meeting of the intergovernmental conference, which we are ready to hold without further delays or additional political decision, as soon as Macedonia implemented its commitment to complete the constitutional amendments as stated in the Council Conclusion of XX/XX/2022, in accordance with its internal procedures."

In point 13, the words: "After Macedonia fulfills the relevant criteria agreed by the Council" are deleted.

In point 14, the following words are deleted: "Today, we recall the importance of achieving visible results and implementing bilateral agreements in good faith, including the Prespa agreement with Greece and the Good Neighborly Relations Agreement with Bulgaria." In that direction, we welcome the agreement on the protocol of the second meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission established in accordance with Article 12 of this agreement.

This important step will contribute to good neighborly relations and regional cooperation, which remain essential elements of the expansion process as well as of the stabilization and association process," said the party.

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